Patrick McGinley

As the financial turmoil began taking its toll on the workforce of America, I found myself along with thousands of others without a job and very little opportunity to secure the solid employment I had enjoyed for decades. I had been a radio broadcaster for 20 years, working every format and shift imaginable. My last position in radio was as a news anchor in a top 20 market. I was relieved of my duties when my position was eliminated during budget cuts, something I had experienced many times in a career that crossed the United States, in all markets, for many years.


I decided to leave radio. I was fortunate to get the opportunity to join the fourth largest privately owned HVAC wholesale company in the United States. I started at the ground floor and quickly moved up into an outside sales position. Before taking the sales position, I had surgery to remove a benign growth from my spinal cord. All went well until the complications of scar tissue at the sight of the surgery made traveling long distances by car an impossibility. Just as the economy was beginning to take a turn for the worse, I again found myself unemployed and limited in my job opportunities.


I applied at grocery stores, warehouse and trucking companies, manufacturing, and numerous other jobs, to no avail. I was now staying at a friend’s house after losing my own home. Now the question was, what do I want to do for employment and how do I reach that goal.


I had been involved with Solar Energy for decades, but never had the education to fortify my commitment to pursuing this as an employment option. I began my search for schools and found a four year program, but that would put me at 57 to 58 years old when finished. So I searched schools to help me get the needed certifications and accreditations for my career in appropriate technologies. The offerings of the courses were exactly what I needed. I enrolled in Solar Design and Sustainability.


The course work is of college level, yet easily understood. I am impressed by the maneuverability of the course work and even though I had NEVER taken an online class, I easily entered the classes, as if I had done this before.


I could not be more pleased with the choice I made to pursue my new and final career. I never, in a thousand years, thought I would be fortunate enough to be in this situation. I am confident and secure in my choice and I highly recommend, to anyone who is in need of a fresh start, to consider online programs with ProTrain. It truly was and continues to be one of the most positive and life changing experiences I will ever have.



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