Eric Sessa

I found the Microsoft Office course to be very helpful with my current position as a Program Specialist. One of the primary benefits of the course is the pace at which it is taught. The course allows the student to work at his or her own pace for up to an entire year and provides examples and exercises with each of its modules. These exercises, along with the exams ending each section, are helpful in that the student is allowed to retake these exercises if he or she chooses. This option provides the student time to learn fully the concepts within each module and substantially reduces test anxiety.


Moreover, the examples provided were very practical examples. I was especially satisfied that Microsoft Outlook was the most comprehensive module, as I soon came to realize that this application is one of the most frequently used in my office environment. After completing this module, I created meetings, appointments, and many other options in my current position. My supervisor and others were relieved that I was able to demonstrate this competency in Microsoft Office.


This certification assisted with my promotion. Although I have been using Microsoft Office for several years, I did not understand the full capabilities of each of its programs. By comprehensively learning these areas, I was able to assist others in my office with their Microsoft Office needs, which built positive relationships with my fellow coworkers. These relationships convinced my supervisor of my strong work ethic and team building skills, thereby playing an important role in his decision to convert me to a permanent employee.


In essence, I would recommend Microsoft Office to those seeking substantial knowledge about the many applications in this program. This course was user-friendly and had well-written, practical examples.



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