John Grossi, PMP, SSGB

Thank you for offering two truly splendid courses (Wastewater Analysis & Wastewater Collection Systems). Using the foundational CSUS texts and supplementing them with the equally comprehensive water education materials was a great idea. Navigating through them was both enjoyable and easy to do. 


The 6 sections covered within the Wastewater Analysis course and 8 sections covered in Wastewater Collection Systems were thorough and very thoughtfully organized. At times, it was helpful for me to navigate forward and backwards through the lessons to recall something I learned or was particularly interested in learning — this type of functionality was very useful. 


The exercises, photos, diagrams and math problems were excellent. The math problems were laid out in a very reasonable format and it was easy to follow the logical progression used in solving the various math problems. Sometimes math problems can be too excessively described, but this was not the case. The math problems were described, summarized and demonstrated without excessive repetition. 


Noticing that presentation and exercise sections were labeled differently than self-test and unit tests was also helpful. The challenging unit and self-tests enabled me to have a better understanding of the material and the saved score reports helped me identify areas that I needed to revisit. Having a separate score reports section was extremely helpful for me because I was enrolled in two courses at the same time, and I sometimes forgot exactly where I left off.


Understanding that it takes students an incredible amount of time to progress through all of the material within these courses and retain information they’ve learned; it was extremely thoughtful to provide students with an appropriately wide window of time to complete these courses.   


I loved taking the courses. I would highly recommend it to anyone like myself who has an interest in the water industry. These courses are entirely worth the investment in time and money — they are uniquely designed and do a great job in preparing individuals for meaningful work in the world’s most important industry.    


As my schedule permits, I will look forward to the prospect of further enhancing my background by enrolling in other related courses. Thanks again for delivering two great courses.



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