Nichole Montgomery

So, like every other payday I'm up ready to go, child in one arm, list and coupons in the other on my way to the commissary excited. At 23 my life is routine. Wake up, feed my son, clean the house, go to the park, cook dinner, bath and bed. Very happy to be a military wife and stay at home mom, but I was always a little jealous when I meet those spouses that had a career and raised a family because that is what I wanted too, but they chose to do it and I didn’t think I could. I love my son more than anything, but it was his second birthday when I started to realize that in less than 3 years he is going to start school and then I won’t have anything keeping me tied down to my duties. I wanted more for myself. I never thought that going back to school would be an option for me. I struggled in high school and the thought of starting something new like going to school again scared me, I didn't think I was smart enough.


At a Family Readiness Group (FRG) meeting I met a woman named Betty Gardner. She talked about this military spouse program that let you chose your career, start dates were flexible for most classes, and there was no set daily class times. I mean it seemed way to, Not ONE DIME OUT OF POCKET.... Completely paid for by Department Of Defense (DOD)!!! I couldn’t start something that would take my time away from my son since he was use to my attention 24/7, but when she told me that I can do this at my own pace, I was sold on the idea. Betty took care of everything and more. In one phone call I was signed up and on my way. The day my books arrived I was almost in tears I was so happy. It's real... I thought to myself.


Even though I just started, I already have this feeling of accomplishment, my husband who is deployed has been my biggest inspiration. I am so proud to tell my friends and family that I'm in school. I'm still able to do all the things that I did before, but now I have a goal. I wait until my son goes to bed; I go online and start my class. I take a couple hours here and there and it's going great. This course is the best thing that has happened to me since I've had my son. I never thought something like this would fit into my military wife lifestyle. Betty is wonderful!!! I am so thankful that I went to that meeting. That day made a dream, I didn’t even know I had and became my reality. Thanks so much again!



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