Paul Liska

The self-paced online A+, Network+, and CCNA certification program has been very challenging and rewarding. The online program is perfect for me because I can learn at an aggressive pace when it fits my schedule. That very important aspect of the program allowed me to learn the curriculum and pass my CompTIA A+ certification exams and become certified in 3 months. The lessons in the CompTIA A+ certification curriculum in the program had me more than prepared for the exams. I have been so excited with the success I had thus far that I am going to use the same methods in the Network+ certification section of this program. The support and advice I have received has been very valuable and appreciated.


This program will open the door to my new future in the IT field with its comprehensive and challenging curriculum that covers everything from basic computer troubleshooting and repair to the complexities of computer networks.


You cannot beat the value in an economic sense. Three high quality certifications that employers are seeking in new hires, for the price of what most institutions charge for 1 certification is an amazing bargain. I look forward to the time that I spend learning the material in this program and highly recommend it to anyone looking to enter or advance their career in the computer and computer networking field.



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