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October 2-6, 2023

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Chuck Havlicek of ACEware Systems

This year’s CETI is dedicated in honorable memory of our friend and colleague, Chuck Havlicek of ACEware Systems. He was an ardent supporter of CETI. He and his humor will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out for him and to his family and friends. 

Learn Something New from these Great Online Sessions

Promoting Certifications

Promoting Certifications — Where do we start?
Explore the decision-making process, the seamless implementation, and the ultimate achievement of course completion in this enlightening session. — Suzanne Ortiz, Cuyahoga Community College


Alternative Credentials
Discover the untapped potential of alternative credentials and gain a competitive edge in today's job market. Learn how to offer them and take your organization to the next level. — Terri Zaugg Varnell, Human Resource Certification Preparation 

Data into Dollars

How a CE organization turns Data into Dollars
Is your organization's data situation a garbage dump or a gold mine? Learn to navigate YOUR sea of data... and discover some tools and techniques to guide your program to your “North Star”. — Sharon Brookshire, ACEware Systems, Inc.

Strategies for Networking

Strategies for Networking to Develop Community Partnerships
Discover the processes and strategies for engaging partners, associated networking, outcomes and benefits, and lessons learned in the development of the Transitional Studies/WIOA advisory group. Laurie Weston, Pitt Community College, and Brandi Bragg, NENC Career Pathways 

IT pathway
Student Success in the Tech Economy
There has been a growth explosion in the IT industry. However, there is an IT skills gap. We will examine how we got here, where the industry is going, and what employers want. Kirk Smallwood, CompTIA 
FaceBook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: Boost Awareness and Enrollments
Learn how to use highly targeted Facebook marketing to promote courses, programs, and events to potential students to increase enrollments.Matt Hammer, Human Resource Certification Preparation 

Healthcare Certifications
Career Demand for Healthcare Certifications
Discover the immense value of certifications for healthcare occupations, as well as the abundant job market and numerous training opportunities available. — Danielle Sadighi, American Medical Certification Association, and Kristle Funke, National Healthcareer Association

CETI Attendees say...

“The conference was excellent. All of the speakers were articulate and spoke in the CE vernacular. Acronyms were kept to a minimum. The focus was on the ‘client,’ the ‘business’ and ‘ROI.’ Thank you very much.”

“Excellent session. I really enjoyed meeting and learning from so many professionals.”

“Great conference and I always look forward to attending. It’s so nice to hear from leading industries and work with colleagues with the same vision and goals. I always leave refreshed and renewed!”

Why Attend CETI?

Training Experience — Be prepared for a training experience – not just a lecture. CETI brings together national leaders in continuing education with business experts to explore workforce trends that impact your students and your programs. This high-powered training conference offers specialized training to enhance educational needs. Sessions offer real-time applications from education and business leaders representing leadership from community colleges, state colleges, adult education, universities, and national training partners.

Top Trends — Come to CETI and find out the top trends and techniques for programming, marketing, and training operations. Learn by attending our strategy sessions and leadership panels. CETI is a front-runner in working within Continuing Education and Professional Development communities in the continuous evolution to meet the educational needs of our country. What you will experience are all new sessions on the cutting edge of our field.

Where Business and Education Meet — Browse vendor exhibits for new ideas to implement and serve your students and network with other colleagues in continuing education. Exhibitors have the opportunity to have their products and services experienced by continuing education decision-makers including deans, directors, and department heads. These are professionals who are looking to improve their programs’ efficiencies and capabilities.

Proven Experience — Since its inception, CETI has grown in order to meet the needs of continuing education and cultivate an understanding of industry trends, credentials, and stackable skills. Each year, CETI welcomes continuing education professionals, representing colleges, universities, adult education programs, and professional development organizations.

Benefits for CE Leaders & Staff — Receive the latest information on trends and techniques to make informed decisions and plan future directions in order to grow more robust programs that will increase student population, revenues, and successes. Pick up on industry best practices with small group sessions to educate, engage with one another, and go back to your respective schools and enroll more students!

Benefits for Business Leaders — Connect with schools nationwide in one location. Speak to vendors and showcase your business to implement new technologies and make connections. CETI offers one-on-one networking opportunities with continuing education decision-makers interested in improving their methods and programs.