Jennifer Petrey

I was really reluctant to go back to school. I was not working at the time and could not afford to pitch money to the school every month. I didn't want the debt and headaches regarding scheduling around being a new mom and having a family.


However, enrolling for the programs was easy and actually eased my mind about online learning from the get go. If I ever needed anything or had any questions they were always there to ease my mind. I received all my books and login materials all in a remarkable, timely manner and all the support I needed with any technology issues I had. I also had really great instructors that replied to any email I sent them with questions within a few hours or at most a day.


I actually enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding and Medical Terminology programs and all I had to do for each course was login, look at the syllabus, do the assignments, view a few PowerPoints and maybe a video or two, take the quiz for each “module” and turn in a final report for each course. EASY right? That’s what I thought. And I turned out to be correct. There was no logging in each night for “class” discussion or replying to a post twice a week. When ProTrain says “AT YOUR OWN PACE AND IN YOUR OWN HOME” they really mean it! I started in November and finished the programs in March. Yes, I finished my entire Medical Coding and Billing Certification course in 4 months. Because of the AT YOUR OWN PACE motto that so many universities and colleges say, but cannot live up too.


So, to all you fellow scholars out there, if you are throwing the idea about going back to school around in your head, then definitely take a chance (if you’re like me…again) and sign up with ProTrain and see the difference of “AT YOUR OWN PACE AND IN YOUR OWN HOME” is truly how you attend.



Do you want to learn at your own pace and in the safety of your home, like Jennifer? Call us at 1 (844) 292-8641 or email us and we can discuss any course program your interested in or the financing options available to you.